August 10, 2017

Degree Evaluation

Reviewing your degree progress is an important step towards ensuring that you are on track to graduate. There are two ways that students can review their degree evaluations. The first is by visiting an academic advisor to go over requirements and get an idea of what classes to register for. Advisors can help students assess their graduation timeline, recommend which classes work best in their schedule, and provide a framework for advancing in their program. To locate and contact your advisor, please use the Advisor Locator tool. Note that if you have multiple majors or are pursuing a minor, you will need to consult with the associated advisor for each..

Students may also conduct their own degree evaluation using the DegreeWorks option on PatriotWeb. This will show you what classes you still have remaining and how “complete” your degree is. Please note that students only reach 100% on their degree evaluation after they have graduated. If you are a senior and want to make sure your degree is complete, please contact your academic advisor.