August 10, 2017

Change or Declare a Major/Minor

Changing your major at Mason is a fairly simple and straightforward process.

In order to change or declare a major (or declare a second major), students must first meet with an academic advisor for their new program. If you are unsure of what you want your new program to be, or wish to review the program requirements before meeting with an academic advisor, the Advising website has a catalog of Majors at Mason that includes advising sheets and 4-year graduation plans. You can use this information to view program requirements  or guage your completion rate towards a particular major. A similar service is also offered for Minors at Mason.

After determining your new program, you will need to meet with your new academic advisor. To locate and contact an advisor, please use the Advisor Locator. An advisor will assess your progress and potential in the new major or minor and help you determine your best course of action for this new program. The advisor will then sign your Undergraduate Change/Declaration of Academic Program form.

You can bring that signed form to the Mason Student Services Center with a photo ID and we will input your program change for you if it is before the last day to add. Please note that it could take 24-48 hours for a new program to reflect on your PatriotWeb account. If you change your major or minor during the class registration period, it is important that you discuss with your advisors what classes you should be taking.  Changes of major submitted after the last day to add will be held until the end of the semester before being processed.

Students walk at the Fairfax campus. Photo by Alexis Glenn/Creative Services/George Mason University