August 10, 2017

Catalog and University Policies

The university Catalog is the primary resource for academic and program information. Here you can find policy information, course descriptions and their prerequisites, as well as archives of previous Mason catalogs.

Each student is governed by the academic policies in effect during his or her individual catalog year.  By default, the catalog year is the term in which the student first began attending Mason.  In some circumstances, such as if a student leaves the university and reapplies at a future date, or if it is deemed advantageous by an academic advisor, the original catalog year may be changed.  Verify your catalog year by viewing the “Student Records” tab on PatriotWeb to ensure you are consulting the catalog relevant to your specific program requirements. Click here to access archived catalogs.

To see the current policies in place for this catalog year, please visit the Policies page from the Registrar’s Office. We often receive questions regarding Permission to Study Elsewhere and Leave of Absence policies – you can find information on both of these procedures here.

Understanding the university’s various policies is the responsibility of each Mason student. If you have questions, we are more than happy to explain these policies in depth and provide additional information as necessary.

"First snow fall of the spring semester falls upon the Fairfax Campus. Photo by Craig Bisacre/Creative Services/George Mason University