August 10, 2017

Transfer Credits

Mason transfers credits directly from the original institutions on a course-by-course basis. Undergraduate transfer applicants can use the Transfer Credit Matrix to see how credit from other institutions have previously transferred to Mason. It is important to note that the Transfer Credit Matrix only shows classes that have previously transferred, and is not comprehensive of every credit from your institution. As long as your credits are from a regionally-accredited institution and we offer an equivalent course, you should receive transfer credit. Please keep in mind that Mason only transfers a maximum of 75 credits from two-year institutions and a total maximum of 90 credits if a student attended a four-year institution or multiple institutions combined. Check here for more information about our credit policies.

The university also grants credit for a variety of examinations, such as the AP or CLEP exams, provided students obtained the requisite score. If you took an exam and want to see if you will receive credit, you can check the full listing of scores required and the credit granted on the Academic Credit by Exam chart.

After you’ve been accepted and have registered for Orientation, you will receive a transfer credit evaluation in the form of a Transfer Equivalency Worksheet. If there are missing classes on this worksheet, you will need to submit a Transfer Credit Inquiry Form or e-mail highlighting the courses you’re missing and the institution you received them from. More often than not, students are missing credit because we did not receive an updated transcript before their transfer credit evaluation was completed. If you are worried that your updated transcript may not have been received and you have already sent it, we can check your records for you if you contact us.

For Graduate Students:

Graduate credit earned prior to admission to a certificate, master’s, or doctoral program may be eligible to be transferred into the program and applied to the certificate or degree. Transfer of credit requires the approval of the program director and dean or director of the school, college, or institute.  Credit is usually considered for transfer at the student’s request at the time of initial registration as a degree-seeking student.  For more information, please refer to the University Catalog for Graduate policies, specifically: AP.6.5.3: Transfer of Credit.